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The range of Turbosol pumping and spraying machines and systems is one of the most complete in the world and covers almost all construction site requirements: from civil construction through the concrete sector reaching the complex underground jobsites.

TA new line

Mortars & plasters

New line for the Asean markets from the worldwide leading supplier of first grade industrial machinery.

TA products

Why a new line for Asia?

In 2005, Turbosol expanded its worldwide operations to the Asia Pacific by establishing a Regional Office in Singapore.

Turbosol Asia has been instrumental in supporting the parent company in the implementation of its global expansion activities by spreading Turbosol’s brand name and provide direct technical support to our customers.

Today in 2020 we introduce TA, the new line of product dedicated to the Asean markets, assembled in Singapore, powered by Turbosol and green not only in the colour but in its heart.
The Color Green differentiate from copies of Turbosol machine in Asia and also affirm our TA line is “Genuine Turbosol”.

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