Rotors and Stators

Genuine spare parts for Tubosol and TA line: quality that never let you down.

Genuine spare parts for increased performance and longer service life.

Transmat 27.45


Mortars, plasters, screeds

Powerfull worm gear pump, good for mortars, plasters and self levelling floor screeds.

35 l/m th. output - max grain size of 5 mm.

Transmat 27.45



The most popular in the market, ideal for gypsum and gypsum-lime based plasters,  

 20 l/m output - max grain size of 3 mm.

Pro H DM

D8 1,5

Mortars and plasters

Powerfull worm gear pump, indicated for base coat, scratch coat and insulating plasters, max 34 l/m th. output - max grain size of 6 mm.

Transmat 27.45


Mortars, plasters

Universal worm gear pump, used for cement based mortars, gypsum/restoration plasters.

22 l/m output - max grain size of 4mm.

Pro H CL


mortars, pasters, screeds

Universal worm gear pump, used  for mortars, plasters and self levelling screeds.                   36 l/m output - max grain size of 6 mm.

Transmat 27.45


Mortars, screeds

Large output worm gear group ideal for mortars and selflevelling floor screeds.           120 l/m output - max grain size of 10 mm.