About us

Turbosol is a leading manufacturer of machines and systems for pumping and spraying mortar and concrete.
Its manufacturing plant is located near Treviso, in Italy’s north-east, a geographic area with a high concentration of manufacturing companies strongly dedicated to innovation and working for the global market.
The range of Turbosol pumping and spraying machines is one of the most complete in the world. It consists of four complete lines, combining a great range with specific solutions for any type of building work. Its high value-added machines are unique in design, of high performance, energy saving and long lasting. Such attributes are the unique characteristic of the Turbosol Brand. This is why Turbosol machines always do offer something more: greater quality, more advanced technology, higher productivity and constant technical support to its customers.  
In 2005, Turbosol expanded its worldwide operations to the Asia Pacific by establishing a Regional Office in Singapore.
Turbosol Asia has been instrumental in supporting the parent company in the implementation of its global expansion activities by appointing distributors in the region i.e. Australia, Brunei, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore & Vietnam.
We aim to spread Turbosol’s brand name and provide direct technical support to our customers. We have sold many different types of pumps and offered customized solutions to customers in the building construction and civil engineering industry, and they have benefitted from Turbosol’s innovation.